Urban Fusion SleepoverThe Open Dream team had their Global Fusion Night on Saturday 25 April. Pizza, 80’s films and next to no sleep were the main events of this night for the Urban Fusion Sleepover.

They filed in with all the sleeping gear early afternoon not long after Saturday classes. We kicked off the night with a documentary about the History of Hip Hop. We learnt so much about the creation of where it all started in the bronx of New York. It was DJ against DJ. No one wanted to share their records with the other. They took out turn tables and speakers to the streets and played for the people. They were the deciders of who was the best. ‘Big Bank Tank’ and ‘Crazy Legs’ were just some of the names that came out of the film. Some of the biggest DJ’s in the 80’s playing what is the REAL Hip Hop music.

After that wrapped up pizza fed the mouths of the hungry hooligans then one more film ‘Breakin’…Classic 80’s lycra, high cut leotards and lots and lots of leg warmers. Throughly enjoyed by all an insight into old school hip-hop dance battles.

Dodgeball was on the cards for the opens well into the morning. However some preferred to help the teachers get a jump on the sequins for 2015. 2:30am saw the pumping through the walls of some Taylor Swift along with some ‘Twerking’. Finally lights out with many tired heads in the morning.

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