DBS is Australia's oldest and longest running ballet & dance studio! Rich in tradition and history, yet on the forefront of modern trends, DBS prides itself on it's professionalism and expert tuition in all forms of dance.

Dubbo Ballet Studio is a very special school. Continuously operating sicne 1934, DBS has seen thousands of students and generations of families walk through its doors. What was originally a tiny school operated out of a sunroom by Joyce Schneider has now become Australia’s oldest and longest running dance studio, and a leading force in regional dance training.

In it’s long rich history, Dubbo Ballet Studio has only had 4 different Principals; the first being Mrs Schneider who lead the school for over 50 years and through to our current Principal, Anna Bloomfield, who has been at the helm since 2001.

During this time, DBS has been an integral part in the lives of thousands of children seeking dance classes in Dubbo. Some of which have gone on to dance professionally, while others have embarked on successful careers in many other industries. It is absolutely our experience that the life skills children develop by studying dance, serve them long in to their adult lives. Check out our Testimonials page to see what our ex- students think about us!

DBS has grown and developed into the leading regional dance studio in NSW. It provides the very best training for it’s students across a whole variety of disciplines. We proudly offer the the state’s largest selection of style electives and have staff that are experts in their fields, to ensure the highest quality tuition in all areas. There are many styles in which students can partake in, read below to see whats on offer!

Dance styles offered by DBS


All DBS students study classical ballet through the renowned Ballet Conservatoire syllabus. This program is based on the Russian Vaganova method and was developed by Christine Walsh AM.

Ballet is a requirement for all DBS students


Jazz class is the most popular class we offer!! Jazz dancing is the funky fast and cool moves to the latest pop music.

Jazz is offered to students in the Junior, Intermediate and Advanced Programs.



DBS offers the Glenn Wood Tap Syllabus to all tap students. This syllabus provides a comprehensive understanding of tap technique, and is very current in today’s commercial dance industry.

Tap is offered to students in the Junior, Intermediate and Advanced Programs.


DBS students study a variety of contemporary techniques that include release, floor work, tumbling and improvisation. The program focuses on the creation of innovative movement and an expressive and modern interpretation to music.

Contemporary is offered to students in the Intermediate and Advanced Programs.


Possibly the most moving of all styles of dance, this emotive and expressive style of dance is a favourite among our junior students. Lyrical classes are a wonderful way to connect to music and learn the art of expression in dance.

Lyrical is offered to students in the Junior and Intermediate Programs


This program includes an education in a variety of styles that fall under ‘Hip Hop’ or ‘Street Dance’. Our focus is on foundational development of these styles as well as understanding of where they originated. The classes are always engaging, expressive and high energy.

Hip Hop is offered to students in the Intermediate and Advanced Programs.


These classes incorporate cardiovascular fitness, limber, low impact strength, resistance training and pilates programs. Everything in these classes directly compliments what is being studied in other dance classes.

Conditioning is offered to students in the Junior, Intermediate and Advanced Programs.


Very often many skilled and technical dancers lack a convincing acting ability. Successfully embodying a character and taking your audience on a journey is one of the most important techniques a dancer requires. These classes explore acting through movement and mime into working with text and scene work. Students will also focus on musical theatre pieces to allow them to integrate all their theatrical skills.

Musical Theatre is offered to students in the Intermediate and Advanced Programs.