Here we go for Term 2! Saturday of Week 2 we held our annual Fusion Night at DBS. These Fusion nights were introduced in 2015 for DBS students to better understand and learn in depth about the culture of dance styles. This year we created our own ‘Funk Box’ here at DBS, to give the students a feel of what it’s like to just dance for freedom, connection and joy!

Funk Box New York City is a party that has been held in New York City for the past 8 years. It is a meeting ground for dancers to share their skills, enjoy dancing together, experiment with new moves and be free with movement. It’s emphasis is on good music, art and sharing the joy of dance.

We filled the room with creative vibes including people painting, videos and students dancing away to the music. We had lots of snacks before we all went into Studio 1 to dance the night away. We filled the night with grooves and moves that the students have learnt during Friday grooves classes. We created ‘cyphers’ and jammed together, experimenting and learning new languages of movement from each other. We also were inspired by new grooves and moves from Benny Oldroyd that he has brought back to share with us all the way from Paris! We then finished the night with dance battles. Two or more people would dance to a particular genre and the judges would pick the most entertaining piece to be the winner. Everyone LOVED it and drew lots of inspiration from the night!

Videos from our Funk Box night have been uploaded to our Facebook page. Yet another great time was had by ALL, and we thank all the students from every age group who came along to make the 2017 Funk Box Fusion Night a HIT!

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