On Saturday 12 September it was an early start for the Open Lyrical students and families. DBS staff loaded everyone onto the double decker bus at 5:45am as we headed off to Sydney to compete in the McDonalds Sydney Eisteddfod – Dance of Champions.

This competition brings together special selected groups who were successful in various dance sections across all genres in the 5 month long Sydney Eisteddfod. DBS’ Open Lyrical ‘The Eye of the Beholder’ was selected to compete, in what turned out to be an extremely successful night receiving 2nd place for the ‘People’s Choice Award’. The dancers once again performed a spellbinding rendition of this captivating piece.

DBS staff and students had a fantastic day leading up to the event, where staff took the lyrical dancers on a secret activity to participate in Strike Bowling’s ‘Escapism’. Groups of students got locked in special set up rooms where they had to look at all the clues around them to crack the codes that would lead them into the next mysterious room and eventually back to the real world! They only had 50minutes to break free.

Everyone had an FANTASTIC time at the activity, finishing it off with some pizza and very interesting karaoke.

After the day’s activity had finished we headed out to the University of New South Wales, where the students performed among 17 other fantastic routines! Once it was all over we loaded back onto the bus and headed home back to reality arriving at a very early 3:30am!

The Dance of Champions performance will be airing on Channel 10 on November 1st 2pm! Don’t forget to tune in to see our fantastic Dreamteam shine on your screens! We are very proud of everyone!!!

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