Friday the 4th and Saturday the 5th of September brought the 2015 Royal Academy of Dance Ballet Exams to DBS.

Our hard working students from Primary right through to Grade 8 were examined by the lovely Elise Frawley (RAD Examiner) at the end of week 8. It was a very successful and enjoyable two days, with some very relieved and happy students coming out at the end of it all!

It was an early start on Friday for the teachers and our Grade 7 students who were first to be examined. Friday also brought in DBS’ Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, one of the Grade 5 groups, as well as Grade 6, and one of the Grade 8 and Primary exam groups! A jam packed day, with bright faces from all while getting dressed up, trimmed and pampered ready to present to Ms Frawley!

Our day 2 exam groups were the remaining students from Primary, Grade 5 and Grade 8, as well as our gorgeous Grade 4 students!

Overall, it was a successful 2 days, where all the hard work of the students and teachers paid off!

Now all there is to do is await the results! A big congratulations to all our exam students! We are sure your marks will reflect all the hard work EVERYONE has put in!


Primary B

primary 1B G1 G2 G4 Faces

G5 G5B Faces G6 Faces Bella G8A G8B Faces

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